Month One Subject

12 Jan

We’re still early on in this project, but all we know is each month we’ll have some type of launching pad for the stories we write – some may be full synopses, some might just be a quick sentence, some might be the first paragraph, who really knows? Here is January’s:

“A story about some kid who bought a house a few houses away from his folks. But as soon as he settled in, he realized he was too lonely so he moved back with his parents, still owning the house.”

I’ve personally been toiling with the length of the stories. What is a short story after all? In doing some research, it seems like you can get away with calling anything with a word length of 1000-10k words a short story. That’s a bit broad for me, and having written an email that was nearly 8k words, that seems to be the upper limit of what I’d call a short story.

Though this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, I’ve settled on between 2,500-7,500 as my target range. Twelve of those for me, and twelve for Aaron, and we’d have ourselves a pretty hefty weapon if it was printed and bound in hardcover and wielded on the end of a chain like a flail. Just sayin’.

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