Yes it’s true

13 Jan

after working on my story for about a week, i was getting nowhere.  when we decided on the topic i knew exactly what i was going to write.  i knew the angle i was going to approach the story from, i knew where i wanted to take the story in the end, i knew that people were going to think i had something seriously wrong with me (which was evidenced by the two people i told my idea to asking if i was insane).  so what was the problem?

somewhere in the middle i realized that if i was reading this story i would probably stop.

i tried for two days to get through the middle to no avail.  a grand total of three sentences were written in those days, then re-written.  and then again.  and again.  and that’s when i had a brilliant idea.


i printed out a copy of what i had so i could use it as a basis for the new version of the story, but also so i could hopefully avoid taking it back into a place so boring i could only consider it a modern day ‘ethan frome.’  i felt a nice sense of relief at that point, because i knew i had a great idea and now i had a better chance of getting it out.

in about 30 minutes i had already written almost twice as much as i already had, but more to the point it was better.  i’m going to be honest, i’m not sure i have exactly what someone would consider ‘characters’ or even a ‘plot,’ but by golly, that just isn’t how this story is going to work.

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Posted by on January 13, 2012 in aaron's writing



One response to “Yes it’s true

  1. esoderek

    January 13, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    I’m just as curious about your story as I am about where you screwed it up the first time.


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