i think i’m finished

17 Jan

at least until about 15 minutes from now when i decide i need to re-do the entire thing once again.

i also think i’m happy with how the story turned out.

when i first told my wife my premise for this month’s short story, after staring at me blankly for a minute or two she told me that i had problems.  after reading my first draft, she seemed to enjoy the story a lot.  now i’m stuck trying to figure out where i went wrong.  either that, or she is the one who has the issues.

she noticed a few things i needed to clean up (apparently she couldn’t follow a story that bounced between tenses unintentionally).  let that be a lesson to me, i should read a story through after i finish writing it and before i hand it to someone to look at.  so i did a little bit of cleanup, expanded on a couple ideas, removed a couple things that i didn’t think worked so well, added those things back in, re-worded them, removed them, and then settled on how they were originally.  all in all, it was an annoying process.

now comes a little time off.  since the end of the month is still two weeks away i figure i’ll just forget about this draft for another few days.  the time off will, hopefully, let me go back with a clear enough head to see it differently than i have been.

also, the time off gives me a little time for some work on another story i’ve been working on (unrelated to this project) and some historical research (related to this project).

how did me wanting to ease back into writing turn into research?

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One response to “i think i’m finished

  1. Ash

    January 17, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    What are wives for, if not for proofreading?


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