the january stories go out on monday

20 Jan

after debating the logistics of this project for a couple weeks, we still don’t really have a definitive idea of what’s going on.  what we do know, after a series of emails and text messages today, is that we are going to send our stories to each other on monday.

when we first started this project, i was unsure how the actual timeline of our work was going to play out.  did we turn in our stories on the last day of the month?  do we turn them in as soon as we had a completed version that we were satisfied with?  would i even be able to finish the stories in time?

derek and i both had moments of clarity and were able to pump out the january story very early on, which came as a surprise to both of us.  after having my completed story sit for a few days i went back to it to give it one last once over.  again, a few tweaks were made, but otherwise it stayed pretty much as is.

so there i sat with nothing to do for the next two weeks until i send my story through the wonderful world of the internet on its way to the land of nevada and on to derek’s computer.  that’s when i received this text message (in the middle of a conversation about the recent revelations that fausto carmona is not actually fausto carmona) – “Wanna send stories on mon?”

um, yes.

a few more days to make sure everything is completely in order and then its on to tearing apart reading derek’s story.

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Posted by on January 20, 2012 in aaron's writing, monthly topic



One response to “the january stories go out on monday

  1. esoderek

    January 20, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Teaser time: I decided to make mine serious – though looks can be deceiving (the main character being named Portis Goolsby and all), and it’s a bit more dark than I’d anticipated when I first came up with the rumblings of ideas. There was something in the sadness of the concept that I really wanted to amplify when writing. I think I’m going to have to go back to super-silly for February.

    Plus, I get a few jabs in to MMORPG players, and that’s always fun.


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