The Difference is in the Pudding

26 Jan

Reading Aaron’s story has made me instantly sure that I’m glad we’re doing this project. Right when I realize that his slant on the story – having it be from the perspective of the house itself – I knew that we had ourselves a winner. I won’t go as far as to say that I wouldn’t have ever thought of that idea in a million years, but the fact is that I didn’t, and he did. And because of it we have two very rich, very different stories based on the same premise. And that’s what this is all about, isn’t it?

Sure, the story is rough around the edges – he hasn’t written with any regularity in years and years, if ever really. But grammar and story enhancement can come later, I’m not worried about that. Really, you need an interesting angle to come from for a short story, where you don’t have an awful lot of time to lure someone in. And he did that, and that rocks.

Interestingly, Aaron’s story (I feel) is extremely predictable. I mean, our topic itself pretty much sums up the ending of the story right from the beginning. But like Ender’s Shadow, a book I happen to know Aaron and I both like a great deal, it’s not the ending that’s important. We all know how it will end. It’s how the story’s told that makes it interesting. And the totally unexpected consequences of an ending we all know will come. And that, of course, is this:

I will say this, about 1/3 of the way through the story, I was hoping the house itself would just start shouting out “You cocktease!” I guess I can’t always get what I want.

Tomorrow we discuss our suggestions, do our edits, and on the 1st we start with the Teddy Roosevelt time travel story. I will also broach the subject of possibly having Aaron and I ignore each other’s posts, so we can actually type about things immediately in our story (to better connect with our four followers). Lots of things happening here.

I’m stoked.

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