tonight is when we start to hate each other

27 Jan

later this evening, derek and i shall be going over our stories with each other.  both of us have a tendency to get overprotective of our creative processes and our output.  both of us are also super critical of other people and their work.  it looks like our project may be ending tonight.

actually, i think things will be fine.

i really liked derek’s story.  i enjoyed it so much it made me hate my own.  i enjoyed it so much it made me rethink decades of friendship.  now that i have inflated his ego enough, perhaps he’ll go a little easier on me with the edits.

during my first go round i really spent most of my time familiarizing myself with the story itself.    i don’t want to spoil to much of it, but it has something we can all relate to – crazy parents.  granted, i don’t know anyone with parents as completely batsh*t insane as his creation (although i do know some VERY interesting parental units).  my second read through i started to get a little critical of general grammatical issues.  it was during my third read that my printed copy started to resemble one of my old textbooks with notes in every margin and squeezed in between the lines of text.

it sounds a lot worse than it really is.  a lot of my frustrations with his story is a general lack of knowledge of MMORPGs.  well, that’s not true – most of my frustrations are jealousy at how awesome his story is (please be nice to me).  it should be an interesting conversation between the two of us, because for however fiercely we protect our own creations we each trust each others opinions at an almost equal level.

i’ll let you know on tuesday if we’re still talking.

on another note, i am pretty sure i have figured out how i’m going to go about writing our february story.  january’s didn’t turn out nearly as crazy as i thought it was going to be, but i am pretty sure that this month is going to be the one to push me into the realm of crazy.


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