What an interesting month we’ve had (hopefully derek figures out when to stop reading this)

31 Jan

so after we had our editing teleconference, derek and i are still friends.  all in all the process went very smoothly, and i got to have an excellent conversation with derek’s oldest son about fruit cups and blue markers.  if i had one complaint about the process, it’s just that he lives in nevada, while i reside in new jersey.  when we finished up our conversation, it was closing in on way beyond when i usually go to sleep, while he was just starting his evening.  anyway, here’s how it all went down –

i knew my story had a few issues with it.  the biggest of them was that i had written close to 1400 words of a version that went straight to garbage.  when i started over i was using my previous version as a template and during the writing of the new story, i was mixing myself up in present and past tenses.  believe me, that was a million times better than what i had been putting out previously – an excerpt …

nah, i can’t do it, it was really, really awful.

what i will say about it, is that i discovered i had written 3 (yes, THREE) paragraphs where the house was debating the pros and cons of having his electrical supply upgraded to a more modern voltage.

yeah, it was THAT awesome.

when i couldn’t figure out how to write anything else, i first took a day away from my story.  when i sat down again and read what i had, i could barely get through it.  i knew that if i had spent money on something like that, i would probably hunt down the author and demand it back.  i had to start over.  there was no other way to write the story.

i’m glad i did.  in a couple days i had finished the first version and was pretty pleased with how it turned out.  as derek mentioned the other day, instead of writing from the perspective of the young man who bought and then moved out of a house, i wrote it as the house itself.  i mean, why not?


that’s enough warning, right?

so our february topic is ‘a time travel story involving teddy roosevelt’.  my initial idea for my story was that i was going to write some sort of sci-fi story where the ship itself was the U.S.S. Teddy Roosevelt.  the more i thought about it, the more that felt like a little bit of a cop-out.  if i was going to truly going to make the most of this topic, i would have to do something crazy like actually having teddy roosevelt go through time.

what a better way to do that, than to bring him into the future with a bunch of his cabinet members to hunt down  a criminal?

i think it’s going to be, at the very least, confusing.  well, confusing BUT loosely based on historical fact.

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