Ole’ T-Rose has me Stumped

02 Feb

First, we’ve sent out a handful of stories to people, but it’s not too late to request your January copies. Do so here.

But anyway, this entry is about February’s story. Aaron, go do something else.

So even though it’s only the 2nd, we knew this would be our February topic for a few weeks, and since I’d completed January’s first draft around mid-month, I’ve had some time to mull this one over. Which is why I feel so deflated that it’s a few weeks in and I got nothing.

Rather, I have lots of stuff, but I think it’s all rubbish.

My first thought was to have a teddy bear from the future come back and try to assassinate Teddy Roosevelt because he’s tired of being just a footnote in history. That story has a number of problems, not the least of which is why are teddy bears alive in the future? I think it could be funny, but I am not sold on it yet.

So then I had the crazy idea that I’ve dwelt on longest. That Teddy Roosevelt is actually someone else from the future (let’s call him John Smith). John Smith is upset at T.D. Baehr, philanthropist from the early 20th century who the teddy bear is named after. So he goes back to kill him solely in an attempt to have the teddy bear named for him. He changes his name to Teddy for obvious reasons, and picks Roosevelt because he feels it’s a likable name (apparently, in this alternate future, FDR still existed). I think there’s even far more holes in this story, but it does seem like it could be a bit of fun.

I also had this glimpse of an idea of a presidential candidate whose logo is a mallet and a scythe, and he doesn’t understand why patriotic Americans are slandering him. Not sure how that would relate at all to time travel or Teddy Roosevelt.

So in short, I have zero words written, and few loose ideas, and a slight fear because I only have 18 days to get something done on this. Eep! Maybe I’ll use my idea I came up with for this post name, T-Rose, and make Teddy Roosevelt embroiled in an east side/west side turn of the century rap-off. I don’t know.

edit: I just read an interesting article and think I may have come up with an idea. It would still involve assassination, but nothing to do with a teddy bear anymore. Hmmmm….

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