in examining a book such as peter rabbit … [content derek, stay away]

03 Feb

so now that we are into our second stories, derek and i have decided to avoid each other’s posts that happen to actually deal with each month’s story until we are each at least most of the way finished writing our own.  this way, we can write about our actual stories here, hopefully making this site a little more interesting for our 3 followers.

now because of this we have no idea what each other is writing, so if by some odd coincidence we are writing on the exact same idea, maybe don’t let us know.  i think it would be sort of amusing if we each wrote the same story one month completely by accident.  something about a thousand monkeys typing shakespeare.

based solely on his facebook post, it seems like derek is stuck with his story.  i ran in to that issue last month, this time around?  not so much.

i have close to 3000 words written already and i haven’t even gotten into the meat and potatoes of the story.  in fact, theodore roosevelt hasn’t even shown up yet.  what this tells me is that i am going to have a lot of cutting back to do when i start to go over the story.  i already know a few things i can cut out without it really doing any damage to the story.  for now, i’ll ignore it and see where this whole thing leads me.

the biggest problem i am having is trying to have this story not turn in to bill and ted’s excellent adventure.  my first idea (after deciding to go with TR going to the future to catch a criminal) was to have him gather together a group of people from american history to assist him.  his first stop would have been, of course, the completely insane and awesome andrew jackson.  when i started trying to plot out the story, i realized that this was going to end up turning in to gathering up joan of arc, genghis khan and beethoven and having them go nuts in a shopping mall.

that idea was quickly scrapped.

instead, i’ve opted for a few contemporaries of TR and having them go with him.  i don’t want to give away who they are, but i think this story is going to be a fun one.  hopefully at some point in my story i actually get to where they show up.

also – if any one reading this has any ideas for a story idea, feel free to leave them in the comments section.  we’d also like to hear your thoughts on this whole project.  only a few people have actually requested the stories, don’t forget derek posted a link to where you can request them.

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