so i was on a roll

07 Feb

as i said in a previous post, i was on a real good streak writing this months story.  and then the unthinkable happened – i got the diablo 3 beta.  yes, i’m a gamer.  yes, i’ve been waiting to play this game for literally years.  it was in my hands (well, on my computer), so how could i resist?  that pretty much ruined my weekend of writing right there.

it’s all good though.

i planned to get back into it sunday evening, then i forgot i was going to be busy with some sports something-or-other, so monday it was.

i managed to get myself back into the story writing process today and then i decided i didn’t like a big chunk of what i had written.  instead of deleting it and starting over like i did last month, i decided to just leave it in.  i think my plan is that i’m going to finish the story as it is (hopefully by the end of this week to give me a full week to read it over and fix things) but also to re-do the part that i’m not so fond of to keep on standby.

now i don’t know if i’m going to send the full story along to derek for edits as well as a separate section including the changes to that one part to let him decide which is better, or if i’m going to scrap one or the other and just send along one version.

i think i need to finish off the story before i make any decisions, and no kristy, i’m not writing a choose your own adventure.


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2 responses to “so i was on a roll

  1. Jaymar

    February 7, 2012 at 9:56 am

    I find it interesting that you and Derek would both consider scrapping something almost entirely before letting it develop. Especially with a short story. I always feel like you can at least give it a chance to go somewhere. D mentioned his idea may be too expansive to narrow into a short story. So what? Then you have the start of something bigger if you don’t like it. I just hate the idea of deleting ANYTHING that’s written down, at least before you’re happy with the completed project. You never know when you might feel the need to go back to what was scrapped.

    Oh, and that Manningham catch was great, but so was the throw. :o)

    • aaronsbell

      February 7, 2012 at 10:02 am

      Well with my first story I was totally stuck and realized what I had was garbage so it needed I be redone. This time around it is more of a case of not thinking I am introducing a character correctly. It seems a bit far fetched (even with time travel being involved) with how I did it, so I just want to make an alternative and see how it is. I’m keeping it as is so far. We shall see.


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