so i did it again (this should be safe for you derek, i’ll let you know)

10 Feb

last month i kept getting stuck on my story, this month i am writing too much.  to put it mildly, i’ve hit about 7k words and i haven’t even gotten to the main plot yet.  theodore roosevelt himself doesn’t even show up until page 10, and he was supposed to be one of the main characters in the story.  how am i resolving this?  i saved a copy of what i had, printed out a hard copy to read through and jot down some notes, and i am starting over.

i have had issues with parts of my story already, but i was just going to write through them and let derek tell me  i am either correct in that it doesn’t work, or that i was wrong and it works fine.  instead, i’m just going to try to clean it up on my own.  not to mention there are about 4 pages i can probably just edit out altogether because it revolves around the white house talking about its electrical output.

there is only one thing that i know i need to keep in the story exactly as it was written as a joke mostly for derek.  oh, derek, don’t read that previous sentence.  i think that i have a brilliant idea that i just have to figure out how to make it work.

back to my story issues (derek, stop reading here for realsies) –

i am attempting to go about this month story princess bride style with the main bulk of the story being told by one of the characters.  the problem i am running in to with that, is that it feels sort of forced when i jump out of the ‘story’ and into the present day conversation talking about what happened.  one problem i know i have always had is writing dialog.

i think that i am a pretty good story teller.  for some reason when i am putting an oral story to paper (well, computer) it just doesn’t feel right.  i’m actually tempted to grab an old tape recorder and make a recording of me telling the story and just transcribing it.  who knows if that will work any better, but it’s worth a shot if this new revision doesn’t quite do it for me.

we shall see how this goes.  i only have 11 days left to finish my draft and clean it up before i give it to derek.  it looks like he is having troubles with this month as well, maybe historical fiction will be our demise.

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One response to “so i did it again (this should be safe for you derek, i’ll let you know)

  1. Jaymar

    February 13, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    I think recording yourself telling a story is a GREAT exercise. I love stories that feel like they are conversational tellings, and it’d be interesting to see how that would work for you.


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