The Monster Has Been Tamed

14 Feb

this afternoon i put the finishing touches on the first draft of my february story.  as always, i am horrible at naming things, so i’ve attached the terrific ‘Mr. Roosevelt, We Hardly Knew Ye’ title and hope something springs out at derek while he’s reading it that leads me to an actual name.  it is, however, almost three times the length of my january story.  derek called me earlier this evening and i relayed my feeling that out of all of the short stories i will write this year, this one has the most potential to become a full length novel.

in fact, if i have some downtime throughout the year (or any time in the future, because let’s face it – my second child is due in less than 4 weeks) i will probably make an attempt to make that project a reality.  there was so much i wanted to write that i left out, and there was so much i did write that i cut out because of the size of the story.

i wrote the last time about how i felt that i had strayed from a believable reality in my story, which based on the subject matter still makes me laugh.  i decided that instead of trying to go back and edit it into something i felt fit better, i just started the story over.  since i had written so much the first time, i also felt that it would be a good opportunity to cut the story back a bit.  this way, if the story continued to be a long one at least the first half would be shorter.

i failed.  hard.

by the time i had gotten back to where i left off, the new version was about two pages longer.  that was when i decided to say ‘screw it’ and just let it run however long it had to.  i may have cut down on the end a little bit because i was trying desperately to keep the story under 10k words, and maybe upon a re-read in a day or two i’ll fix that up a bit.  but for now, i’m pretty happy with my insane story of teddy roosevelt going into the future to save his past.

derek and i were also discussing on the phone that we had done a lot of research while writing these stories.  i won’t spoil some of the fun things derek was looking up, but i relayed how i spent the better part of this past weekend researching early 20th century theories on time travel.

my reasoning is that 100 years ago people would not have been as scientifically advanced and would not know about some of the things we know of today.  in order to make this story as believable as possible (i’m cracking up over here again) i would have to use some form of a theory circa 1912.  thankfully there is a thing called the internet so i didn’t have to go bother a librarian with questions about the kerr metric and immutable timelines.  they probably would have just pointed me towards the internet anyway.

i have a little less than a week to go over the story and clean it up, but to be honest with you, i’m afraid if i do that i’ll just add another six pages.


also, you may have noticed in the upper right corner of this site there is a new little ‘contact us’ tab.  derek and i set up a gmail account to make things easier for the both of us to read and respond to emails.  if you want to ask us anything that may be too long (or boring) for a bunch of comment replies, feel free to email us at if you want to keep receiving (or begin receiving) our monthly stories, feel free  to send us an email over there as well.  this way you will be automatically added to our address book, which just makes it easier for lazy me.



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