i really don’t have much to talk about

17 Feb

i’ve been posting every tuesday and friday giving updates and insight into my writing process.  this week, i seem to be in a spot where i have nothing new to report.

my first draft is finished (as i mentioned on tuesday) and i am waiting for my wife to finish reading it for her opinion.  i like to have a second set of eyes on my stuff in the hopes that if i made some glaring continuity error they would notice it.  as it happens, after writing and reading what i’ve written a few times i barely notice anything.  in fact, this month i realized that i had shifted character roles part way through a section of the story and had to go back re-reading everything just to make sure i was fixing the correct names.  i think i got them all, and if not, hopefully julia can find the rest of them.

derek and i have an interesting idea for the march story, he will write more about it in his post on monday.  for now, i’m doing the best i can to brainstorm ideas to write, because who knows how much time i’m going to have next month.  my (completely unrealistic) goal is to have a first draft finished by the 3rd, giving me more than enough time to have a baby (well, witness my wife having a baby) and then edit during my newly rediscovered awful sleep patterns.  maybe i’ll even do some writing on my phone while i sit in the hospital waiting for anything to happen.

that’s probably a terrible idea.

for now, i just hope i have enough time to fix up this draft and send it to derek before monday.  worse case scenario, i don’t fix it up at all until after he reads it.  i don’t think that would be a horrible thing, but i’d rather try to have it as polished as i can before derek tells me it’s all rubbish.

also, we’ve heard from some of you at we’d love to hear from some more.  don’t forget to send us any comments or concerns.


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