well, derek stole my posting day

21 Feb

so i’m going to piggyback off of his post and hope he feels really, really horrible inside.

we traded our stories sunday night instead of monday because we’re crazy like that.  rest assured, they (again) couldn’t have been any more different.  once again my story seems to be the more sane of the two, which (in my mind) seems odd considering my story was about a certain someone fleeing into the future from 1912 to try to escape a political scandal.

we are going to be doing our monthly skype chat thursday night, so i will give a full update on the editing process and how hurt our feelings are in my post on friday (unless derek decides to take another of my days).  we attempted to talk yesterday but it turned into our sons talking about their favorite trains from thomas the tank engine.

in case you somehow missed his post earlier today, our march topic needs your help.  not so much the topic, but our stories.  our idea for march will be to have people contribute sentences to the cause.  we aren’t going to be giving ourselves an actual topic, instead we will pick a number (based on how many submissions we get) of sentences and we each will have to include them in the stories.  we have received a staggering amount of suggestions so far.  i think it’s up to 3.  so feel free to drop us a line at with your suggestions.  you only have about a week to submit them to us so get crackin!


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2 responses to “well, derek stole my posting day

  1. esoderek

    February 21, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    I posted my post at 9:30 pm on Monday. It’s not my fault that you set this blog up on the east coast.

    • aaronsbell

      February 22, 2012 at 8:59 am

      The entire world is eastern standard time. It’s not my fault you live in the one backwards city that doesn’t recognize it – metric boy.


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