Space Debris II (III?)

23 Feb

– We’re getting a pretty good stream of sentences for March’s project, but it’s still not too late. Submit your sentences to us by emailing We only request that you do not use a line from somewhere else. I don’t want to try to put in copywritten material, and certainly don’t want to consider anything from Seinfeld.

– Aaron and I discuss our February stories tonight. I was pretty surprised to see I had over 100 notes on Aaron’s story, because all in all it had far less issues than his January one. But when I discount minor grammatical errors like commas and capitalization, it isn’t all that many. He warned me that he didn’t have time to do much proofreading.

– I’m curious how March will go for him – and April for that matter – with another kid. I just have one of those (a 2nd boy) and that sleep deprivation thing is no fun.

– Writing my February story was one of the most enjoyable experiences as I’ve had in a long time. I occasionally write extremely silly things for Fats’ Bad Advice Column on my website, and some of those were fun, particularly this one where I played around in Paint. In fact, I’m going to attach the picture here as Clip-Art so it shows up on the links I put on Facebook. But this story was a blast to write.

– Aaron and I both included a really bastardized version of an actual historical figure in our stories. I like that.

– More next week, particularly about Aaron’s mange (which has shown great improvement!)


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