After editing

24 Feb

so my february story clocked in at approximated 9600 words.  after the editing session derek and i had last night, i think we’ve gotten it down to about 2600.  of course, i kid.  i haven’t sat down to flesh out some of the suggestions yet, so who knows what will happen.  in all honest, even with the removal of a few things that didn’t really make sense to have in the first place (ideas that were supposed to be important to the plot but sort of got lost in the shuffle as the story kept growing) there are a few things that need to be added to clear up a few things.  that brings me to the main point of our editing process –

while writing ridiculous ‘historical’ time travel stories, how much do you need to suspend disbelief?

derek and i spent a solid five to ten minutes last night debating about whether or not the faces on money would be the same if various historical figures were removed from parts of their lives (his story).  i was against it being the same, while he feels that enough had been done anyway that it doesn’t matter they vanished, they would still get the honor of a currency.

THAT is pretty much a huge reason i’m excited to be working on this project.

not only are derek and i doing insane research for stories (early 20th century time travel theories, how to build a piano, etc.), we are getting into some interesting debates that really have no business occurring.

how did we resolve some issues?  it’s a comedy.  that’s how.  seriously, lighten up people.

actually, there were some continuity issues that are easily cleared up, and that is how we are going to spend our weekends.  we turn our revised drafts in to each other on monday, hopefully correcting a few of the things that need it.  and then we start to tackle the march sentences that people have been sending in to us.

so far we have a few great ones, but we’d love to widen the pool of which we are selecting them from.  send any and all suggestions to


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2 responses to “After editing

  1. esoderek

    February 24, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    In Lincoln’s case in particular. If he were kidnapped and disappeared a week before he was shot, I think he’d still accomplished enough to be on the penny. What do you think, people?

    • aaronsbell

      February 24, 2012 at 2:20 pm

      I didn’t want to say who it was before people read the story, but since the cats out if the bag, I still feel its up in the air. A LOT of people hated him, so maybe the sympathy from being shot is what put him over.


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