Out with the Old…

27 Feb

February is DONE, story-wise. We turned in our final drafts today. You know what that means: if you want copies of this month’s stories, send an email to Some people have already done so, and some people have requested that they receive ALL of the stories throughout the year so they don’t have to submit requests each month.

Either way, whether you’re just looking for February’s stories or you’re requesting all dozen, shoot us an email. And give us some feedback – I’ve heard a bit here and there from a friend or two, but we’re sending these out to a handful of people. We want to know what you all think of this project.

Anyway, we’ve also finished up getting submissions for March’s project. We had over 60 submissions, so this is an idea we might revisit somewhere down the line, as people really seemed to enjoy it. Tomorrow we’ll go through the list, pick our favorites, and compile anywhere from 3-5 (we think). Then we will have to use them verbatim in March’s stories. It’s going to be a pretty cool challenge, as some of the sentences we got were OUT THERE.

That’s all I got. I will unveil the sentences on Thursday, so stay tuned!

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Posted by on February 27, 2012 in monthly topic


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