March’s “Topic”

01 Mar

As most of you know, instead of a topic, this month we’re trying something different. We asked you guys to send us sentences you’d like to see appear in our next story. In all, we received 63 entries, from which we picked five. Believe me, there were PLENTY of other ones we liked, but our original plan was to just use 3, and we already expanded it into 5. This might be an idea we retry later in the year – though I think we’ll have to see how the stories go before deciding that.

Here are the five sentences (and who submitted them):

He left with nothing but his clothes, three books and two boxes of matches.
Ivy Juniper
Suddenly she realized what drove ancient peoples to take the heads of their enemies.
Maiyah Olivas
He stood there, transfixed, mouth moving without sound and eyes gone glassy while digesting what just happened.
Scott Fourre
If it had been literal, [Name] would have been dead.
Kevin Gilbert
And then I woke up, utterly disappointed.
Cecile Josaitis

As always, to request February’s stories (or all of them), please shoot an email to! Thanks.

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