05 Mar

Since March is only 5 days old, and I’ve written exactly 0 words (though I did start a brainstorming session last night), I want to quickly talk about feedback. Mostly because we’re not really getting any.

It made me realize: some people may have requested our stories simply to read and hopefully be entertained. For some reason, I hadn’t really thought of that. I had assumed everyone would want to be a part of the process. That’s naive, huh?

But that being said, I know a few people ARE interested in being a part of the process, as is evident by the 60+ sentence submissions we received for the March project, even if it required a bit of begging to get them. We have more than a handful of people on our list to receive each month’s stories (you can do so yourself by emailing us at

So what will I personally do if someone emails me with some feedback, whether it’s grammatical errors or just plot points they didn’t care for? Well, I’m not really sure. The versions that are being sent out are the ones marked “final” for a reason. For the purposes of this project, they are done and will not be worked on anymore. So what good is feeback, some may ask? It’s good for two things:

1) I’m a person that likes to be complimented when I do something well and like to be told if I could do something better. Well, I mean, to be truthful, I never like being told how to do something better, but the fact of the matters is I NEED to be told so. I was never harsh on myself as a writer until recently, and now I see that I’m a pretty good writer, but I still want to step up to be a great writer. And I can’t do that if nobody helps me along. That is until I get a publisher, agent, and editor to do that for me. 😀

2) I have something with my stories. January is one of the best pieces of writing I’ve done in a while – I’m really proud of how it came out. In fact, I’m almost upset at how I’ve set the bar for myself for the other 11 months. But just with that one alone, I’m wondering if there will be publishing possibilities down the line, whether with Aaron’s stories or alone. And some of the people who are reading our drafts are probably better writers than I am, and I do want to learn from you.

So, in short, please let me know what you thought of my stories (and I’m sure Aaron wants the same thing). It’s only going to help me be a better writer, and them someday, you may have your very own copy of these and other stories in your hands (or on your electronic reader thingies).

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