this is my least favorite month so far

06 Mar

not having a defined subject, while my mind is on a lot of other things, is not making it easy for me to produce. especially when i need to come up with a story that can incorporate all five of the sentences we have received. i have a basic idea for a story, but it will require a little bit of setup that i am having a real rough go at writing. granted i have at least two more weeks to get it out of my head, so i’m not too worried.  also, i feel that once i manage to get going with the bulk of the story it’s going to end up flowing like last month.  it’s just getting to that point that is frustrating me.

so far i have come up with about 175 words of the setup, and the more i think about it the more i think i don’t even need it.  we’ll see what derek has to say about it (if i even decide to keep it in the first draft i send to him) and move on from there.  something tells me i’m going to have a few late nights on my hands soon, so i should have more than enough time to think it out and attempt to put something that doesn’t make me hate myself down on paper.

honestly derek, you may want to stop reading this here.  i’m going to mention my idea and how awesome it is.  at the same time, i don’t care if you keep reading.  i guess do whatever you want.

does anyone else out there with a dog wonder what it is they do all day long?  (yeah, probably sleep)  well, there was one day when Pickles, our awesome 5 year old maltese, was overly tired one day when we got home from work.  it was then that i decided it must have been one heck of a day for him to more or less ignore us, let alone barely get up when i grabbed the leash to take him out for a walk.

THAT is what my story is about.

the obvious attempts by a race of aliens to invade my home when i am at work and how my dog valiantly defends his house.  this may also be vaguely related to a game of ‘risk’ derek and i played once with my wife and our friend paul.  derek and i had built up formidable armies and it was only a matter of time before we would meet on the field of battle.  either that or just decide it wasn’t worth actually playing until the end and declaring a draw – like how many games of risk end.  julia was holding her own, but wasn’t too much of a threat.  and then there was paul.  paul somehow managed to play one of the worst strategized games of risk in the history of the game.  he had about 6 armies somewhere around south africa and refused to concede the county and retreat.  instead, he would deliriously yell “I WILL VALIANTLY DEFEND!” and proceed to have his forces wiped out by either derek or myself, until the other one convinced him to just retreat already.  this has little to do with my story other than i picture that as my dogs battle cry.  if you know my dog, as some of you do, i’m sure you can just imagine him shouting that.  if you don’t know my dog, look at my avatar to the right.  oh yeah, he’s a total badass.

and he saves my house daily from the threats of extra terrestrial life forms.



One response to “this is my least favorite month so far

  1. Carol Bell

    March 6, 2012 at 8:03 am

    That is SUCH a perfect image of Pickles!


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