Moving Right Along in March

08 Mar

Aaron, this will be entire topic-driven, so go play with your dog. Or, you know, help your wife deliver your 2nd kid.

First off, this month has already followed a very different flow. I have my idea in mind, I have started writing, and I am sure this will be my story (at only a week in!!) So I already get to read about Aaron’s, knowing my topic is safely entrenched. And, suffice to say, the topics are vastly different.

So we have Netflix, and Landen likes watching a large variety of shows. Sure, he sticks with his favorites, Thomas the Train, Blues Clues, and Dinosaur Train (which is actually a pretty good nerdy show for kids), but also branches out to Strawberry Shortcake and Yo Gabba Gabba. But one day he wanted to watch Spiderman. The old Spiderman. From the 60’s. That apparently there’s a meme about. Yeah, that one. So I watched the first episode with him to make sure it was okay for him to watch. And man what a crappy piece of crappy crap it was. In the first episode alone, I found myself asking “WHY” at least three times at the villain’s glaring stupidity. And it made me think about other villains through time, both in TV and in video games. I thought at the time it would be funny to have one of those Efficiency Experts be hired to come in and tell him how he could be terrorizing better.

Then I got my 5 sentences for March and figured that this idea would have to be back-burnered – the sentences just wouldn’t fit. So I was left with no guidelines and just a few he/shes as indicators as to where my story could go. Then I revisited this one – why couldn’t it work? I figured out a way to have all three pronouns covered, and even a few ways to contextually get the quotes in there. Plus, I get to make fun of Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, who I still consider the WORST villain of all video games.

So I was off. I’ve plopped down somewhere between 1500-2000 words so far. This month is also different from a process standpoint – the other two stories, I had an idea I liked and blasted it out in a day or two. Here, I like the idea and am committed to it, but I want to take my time with it for a few reasons. One, I am making sure to make it very funny. With February’s story, which was definitely a comedy, I felt that it was funny only in parts and I had to go back and stick in jokes to make it the chuckler it ended up being. Here, I think the premise is silly enough, so I making the supporting characters deep (and silly). I’m also making sure there are enough actual laugh lines in there aside from it. Two, since I’m reading the Game of Thrones series now, I’m trying to actually write in a truthful world. Mine is set in a sort of hybrid between a corporate office, Winterfell, and Gotham City. So I want it to be a fleshed out world so that the humor within it can be found.

All in all, this will be sort of stylistically close to my February story, but plenty different in terms of content. I’m looking forward to it. Maybe in April, I’ll stick to a real world so I don’t have to spend so much of my time doing exposition.

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