Piloting the ship alone

15 Mar

It looks like Aaron has had a minor speedbump in the road of this project. That minor bump is, of course, a baby. The baby hasn’t arrived yet, but knowing that it will be in the next few days has sorta threw a wrench in his plans. I believe he has 500 words written so far, and probably only one or two of the sentences put in. So either this will be the world’s shortest short story, or he’ll stay up very late, very sleep-deprived on the 19th and jam it out in one sitting. I’m banking on the latter.

So that leaves me alone here, working on my month. It plods along pretty methodically. There are a few things about this piece: 1) It is very very very silly. And this is compared to last month’s, which featured the first president of our country calling everyone “bitchessss” all the time. 2) It started off as a cross between Batman and Game of Thrones, but really, it’s a Tick episode. There’s no denying it. 3) It’s definitely an amalgam of some old ideas that have been floating around for a long time. Apparently, I’ve had alot of superhero ideas throughout the years. 4) I ended up using a 6th sentence from the list. I included Craig Sonderfan’s: “By definition, it was no longer a moat.” It’s not to show off – it really jumped into my story without me having to work at all.

Space Debris

– I use a thesaurus when writing far more often than I’d like. It’s almost always a case of knowing there’s a word out there that means what I want, but not being able to conjure it myself.
– Aaron’s seeking treatment for his mange, but his idea of treatment (rubbing sand on his belly) has not been effective so far.
– Our monthly readership is going up each month, yet our feedback is still quite low. Don’t be afraid! Let us know what you think! See any grammar errors? We’re too cheap for editors, so let us know those as well!
– I still haven’t thought of an ending yet, but that hasn’t stopped me before (see January and February’s stories, and I think they ended up just fine.) That’s not true, I have a basic ending in mind, but not really how they get there yet.
– I try never to fall on the crutch of “it’s just a comedy so it doesn’t have to make sense”, but there are a few times in March when I’m asking the reader to suspend an awful lot of disbelief.

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