there may not be a story this month

16 Mar

but if that’s the case, i’ll have two some other month.

many things have gone on this month that have pretty much taken the ability for my brain to focus on anything for longer than about 15 seconds at a time, and i don’t see that changing any time in the next few days.  of course, when that feeling (hopefully) goes away, i’ll have a baby in the house that will be distracting me in a completely different way.

i think one of the main issues i’m having with this month is the lack of an actual topic to fall back on.  in the previous months, if i got stuck in my writing i at least had a definitive topic to step back from and try to figure out how to attack it better.  this month all i have are sentences.

if i am stuck, i start to not only doubt what i have written, but the entire subject i have chosen as well.  at this point i have just about a weekend to finish a story i can’t decide if i like and that i can’t concentrate on long enough to write anyway.

i’m going to attempt to bang out this story over the next two days, but with the way things are going, we’ll have the baby tomorrow and just push my writing back into april.

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