Not Sure How This is Going to Work

19 Mar

I suppose the first major snag should come in the 3rd month. After all, we’re already 25% done with this project. As was announced last week, Aaron probably won’t be doing a story – he is in the hospital as we speak and his wife should be giving birth sometime in the next 24 hours. That in itself isn’t that big a deal (the story isn’t… the baby is).

As far as this project goes, though, I’ve finished my first draft – my wife has read it over and offered a few quick tweaks which I hope to incorporate tonight. Tomorrow we’re supposed to exchange stories for initial proofreading and critiquing. I can’t imagine that Aaron, fresh off of having a newborn at home and a 2+ year old running around, will have the time or energy to do much with my story. I found that after my 2nd, I actually didn’t have much to do with the newborn (he didn’t do an awful lot those first few days but look adorable and yellow), but had plenty to do with the older one.

Either way, I’ll send it to him, but I full imagine that I’ll be left with whatever revisions I have tonight as my “final” – maybe instead of two rounds of critiques with Aaron, maybe I’ll only get one.

Life gets in the way of art, sometimes. I suppose there are worse reasons to take a break from writing silly short stories. Either way, I’m going whole hog.

However, anyone who reads this: we’re looking for topics for April’s stories? Got an idea for a short story? Or a character? Or something you’d like to see in writing? Let us know. Maybe we’ll give it a go. Email

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One response to “Not Sure How This is Going to Work

  1. aaronsbell

    March 19, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    in theory i should be able to read and edit your story tomorrow night after nathaniel goes to sleep since julia and zachary are still at the hospital. i’m still hoping i can finish a story this month, but it’s not looking so hot. like i said – i’ll have two either in april or may when i catch up with my life again.


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