yes, the baby saga is finally over

20 Mar

now that our second child has been born i can get my mind to focus a bit more on pretty much everything i’ve been ignoring for the last couple weeks.  i have derek’s story and will be trying to review it later today while my oldest son is asleep and my wife and baby are still hospital bound.  maybe, i will try to write a bit more myself and attempt to get some version of a story to derek in a couple days.  we’ll see how it goes with bringing the baby home (i seem to remember there not being a lot to do with newborns except change them every now and again due to my wife breastfeeding) and dealing with how my other child adjusts, as well as the dog having someone else to torture him running around … in about a year.

anyway, since i have nothing project-wise to report, i figure i’ll give a little background on something i have been missing since i started this project – reading.

anyone who knows me knows that i read a lot.  it’s a disease my wife and i both have (not sure who gave it to who) and i’ve been seriously lacking in my reading lately.  since the project started, i’ve spent most of my reading time writing my own stories or editing derek’s.  while that still sort of counts as reading, i’ll give you a baseline to judge it by.

last year i read around 43 books.

while you may be thinking “that’s not even a book a week, you don’t know what reading a lot is,” i say to you – if i have more than an hour or two a day free to read, that’s a very good day.

so far this year i have read about half of the first volume of george rr martin’s short stories (dreamsongs vol. 1) and maybe 6 chapters of the first of jim butcher’s codex alera books (furies of calderon).  while they are both good, even though i’m reading mr. martin’s very early short story work so it’s not nearly up to par with his more recent writings, i just feel that if i have free time i should write.

something does tell me that i’ll have some more time to read when i have a newborn sleeping on me on the couch, but it’s still something that i feel i’ve been neglecting lately.

oh, also, if you want a recommendation for some pretty decent books, check out the dresden files series by jim butcher.  while they aren’t literary masterpieces, the guy knows how to write a story that sucks you in and characters you actually care about.  the first book or two sort of sets up every character and the story’s universe, but after book 3 i couldn’t put them down until i had read all 14 of them.

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