Stealing Aaron’s posting day

27 Mar

With Aaron all being a dad and all, I’m swiping his posting day. I did not post the last two days because I had family in from out of town. Fortunately, I had gotten my draft done early. I was excited about this one. I worry that it’s stylistically quite close to the February story, but I’m not so worried that I’m losing sleep. Aaron sent me back a few minor revisions, so I think this one will be wrapped up pretty painlessly in the next day or two. I definitely think for April I want to have something of a change in tone. I’m not sure what that means yet, but I do think I want to flex my writing muscles a bit next month. Put myself out of my comfort zone a bit.

I did realize that in my three stories, despite two of them being comedies, there are a number of people who die in them. January had no deaths, but one guy gets institutionalized. February has… 3 deaths if I remember? March has another death and a multiple-amputation. I have an idea for April (depending on the topic) that would feature probably at least one other death. There’s nothing quite so funny as permanent trauma.

This does remind me, however, that there are 4 days left in the month and we don’t have a topic picked out for April yet. Does anyone have any suggestions for stories they’d like to read? Put them in the comments or email

And, if you’d like my copy of March’s story (Aaron’s to follow eventually), you can comment here or email to get one.
Short but sweet. Just how I like my overlords.

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Posted by on March 27, 2012 in derek's writing, monthly topic


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