so i’m plugging away

28 Mar

derek is putting the finishing touches on his story this month and i still sit with nothing completed.  my goal, however, is to finish off my story tonight or tomorrow.  will it be good?  i honestly have no idea.  will it be written in less than four total hours of work?  but of course!

derek and i were talking on the phone before and he made a somewhat valid point – either i can stay true to what we originally intended for this project and bang the story out as best as i could this month, or i could probably end up not giving next months story as much time as i should because i’m working on two stories.  i’ve decided to make every attempt to finish it off this month, even though there is a very real probability i will be writing leaning over a baby asleep on my lap while i, myself, am falling asleep.

before pausing to write this update and grab a drink, i’ve put about 800 words together in a semi-coherent fashion since i sat down about 30 minutes ago.  i decided to get rid of what i had and start over, as is my usual process, so i can try to get myself into some sort of a flow.  i’m sure what i am typing now is more or less what i had before, but with my lack of focus lately, i really am just hoping my brain clicks into overdrive and just lets everything flow out of my fingers and onto the screen.

also, i guess i’m hoping it isn’t awful.



One response to “so i’m plugging away

  1. Carol Bell

    March 29, 2012 at 8:34 am

    I agree with Derek that it makes sense to keep up with each month’s story, in order to keep the rhythm going, but personally, I’d rather see you spend your time on updating your blog. I miss hearing about my grandboys!


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