The clock, it ticks

29 Mar

My story is done. With only one round of revisions, and actually not much revising there, I wonder if it’s because this story is deceptively errorless, or that it isn’t as good as the others, and frankly we’re just not willing to spend as much time on it.

Aaron pointed out that it seems like a hodgepodge of some old characters I’d been kicking around and just crammed them into one story. Well, that’s pretty true. A few of the characters are based on old jokes or ideas:

Regenero – This is a long-time running joke between Corey and me. I didn’t really alter anything about the character, only took away his arch-nemesis Foresight Tom. He fits in the story, but is a one-note joke.
Sneaky Pete Cahoots – This character I’ve mentioned before and he appears in a play I wrote (he may never appear, actually, now that I think about it – he’s too sneaky). Here, I made him the complete opposite – he’s not at all sneaky. A very minor character.
The Distraction – She appears quite often in Kevin and my Minimum Opus Confusing the Audience. The character is largely unchanged from that, and equally as one-dimensional. I think her diversions have gotten better over time, though.

I’m a bit disappointed with my story, but I committed to it so early, that when it was done, I didn’t feel like starting completely over. I still think it’s funny, but not quite up to par with the first. Aaron agrees.

I would normally just send it out now, but Aaron is still thinking of finishing his story. I’ll give him until the end of tomorrow. If not, then everyone on our list gets my story a day early! Reminder: if you’d like to receive this story (or all of them), please email and request them.

Also, got short story ideas for April? Email us!

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