i have time to write this month

06 Apr

but i’m not exactly sure if i’m going to take advantage of it.

last month i was beyond unfocused and busy and ended up coming down to my lunch break on the 30th before i even wrote the thing.  in an email to me, derek wrote –

“I hope this doesn’t sting, but this was probably your smoothest story. I almost wonder if you’re overthinking and that might be hurting your process. I’m not going to say it was the BEST, but it came across as the tightest story, and possibly the best-written.”

with that, i am very tempted to impose some ridiculous deadline upon myself and see if i can catch lightning in a bottle twice in a row.  as i was writing my last story, pretty much the entire time i was thinking to myself “this is absolute garbage” over and over again.  i never re-read it after i finished it, i just sent it on its way once it was done, and i barely skimmed it as i was going through the edits derek made.  in fact, i am pretty sure i don’t even remember parts of the story (i’m going to have to read it at some point i suppose, but i’m in no hurry).

* um, derek, stop reading this here unless you’ve already finished your story *

so for this month, i am not 100% settled on where i’m going to come at the topic from.  i have a pretty good idea, but i’m running a through things through my mind just to see if i can actually pull it off.

lately, i’ve been watching the tv show ‘chuck.’  yeah yeah, late to the party, whatever.  anyway, i am thinking i may attempt to write some sort of spy story through the meetings at the bus stop.  something else derek said to me in that email was that he was hoping for some sort of a double cross or more violence at the end of last month’s story, only because my february story also had an ending that everyone sort of just left.  you know what derek?  the end of this months story is going to make the texas chainsaw massacre look like happy feet.



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