so much for time

13 Apr

well, i have managed to put off writing anything this month until last night.  i managed to whip out an extraordinary 57 words before i ran into a wall.  i have a great idea for my story but every time i attempt to write something happens in my house that causes me to put down the laptop and do something else.

last month i wrote my story on the last day of the month so i have full confidence that i will be able to finish my story in the next week.  what my fear is, is that it is going to come down to the last hours again.

in all actuality, that isn’t a bad thing.  at least this month derek will have time to review it properly, and i will have time to revise the story.

i’ll write more about my story next week when i get more into the writing.  chances are i’m going to end up doing a lot of it at work early next week.  judging by derek’s post, both of us are having the same issues.

also, don’t forget to send any and all feedback to us about the stories or the blog or pretty much anything.  we know we are sending the stories out to people.  we know people are reading the blog.  we also know that only about two people ever send us any feedback, be it positive or negative.  so feel free to either just post comments on the blog or email us at

we would love to hear from all of you.



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