twice in a row?

21 Apr

well, derek and i pushed the date back for when our stories get turned in to each other.  even though i know i wrote that right, it still seems like our stories magically become the other one of us.  i hope it happens, derek showed me a movie years ago called ‘naked space’ (it’s a leslie nielson thing before you go thinking it’s something perverted) and every now and again it comes up in some conversation.  because of this, i feel the desire to shave off his eyebrows.

anyway, even WITH the extra two days to write, i am sitting here about 30 minutes before midnight with only ~600 words written.  i know i have all day tomorrow, and plan on using the kid’s naptime as a massive writing push.  let’s see if i can pull this off two months in a row.

i like my story idea.  it’s (derek stop reading, well, you’re probably done writing so read whatever you want) told over the course of a few days at the bus stop.  i have the first day finished.  the next day and the final day are going to be the two toughest to write i think just storywise, but the others should breeze by.  maybe i’ll get unlucky and the one month old is awake for most of tonight and i can write with him asleep on me like i did a little in march.

i’ve the feeling that i am rambling, so i will get away from computers and typing so as to not wreck my story as well as this blog post.



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