almost finished with april

24 Apr

derek and i have exchanged stories and are in the process of reviewing them for our monthly skype get together where we tell each other how much we disliked every 8th word and feel the majority of the story should have been written in swahili.

i haven’t had a chance to read his story yet, i’ll get to it this evening.  what i wanted to write about is how disappointed i am with my story this month.

i loved my idea (spies meeting daily at a bus stop) and though i had a fantastic basis for my story.  i had time issues this month which caused me to push it until the last minute (again) even though i managed to outline my story around the 6th of the month.  and then i got to the writing.

it never quite came together as i had hoped, although maybe it’s just me being over-critical.  my big hope this month is derek manages to see the potential in the idea and nudges me in the right direction for my 2nd draft.  i have faith enough to know that he will probably be brutally honest with me, make me cry a bit, but then be able to fix it up so i don’t hate myself until i finish writing the may story.




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