What I Thought of MY Story

24 Apr

I had intended to do this yesterday (y’know, MY posting day), but these things happen. Anyway, I finished my story, and I am walking away feeling the same way I felt in March (where I turned in what I feel is the weakest story yet). One of my biggest joys in writing is surprising myself. It is quite rare that I have endings in mind when I begin stories. More often than not, I end up somewhere TOTALLY different than I’d anticipated when I wrote the story.

For instance, my January story had intended to be a pretty comical story about parents going nuts, but it ended up being a pretty heavy story about the son being the one descending into madness. February was even more tangential:

Rewriting the past –> mad about Teddy Bears –> Post-Apocalypse –> Did you know Roosevelt lived with a bullet stuck in him for years? –> Loss of all history –> Voltron –> Mount Rushmore –> George Washington saves the day and says “Bitchessss!” alot.

I really do enjoy surprising myself. With March’s story, I started the story knowing roughly where it was going to end, and when I got there, I thought “okay, yay?” Something similar happened in April. The overall tone came out different (and better) than I thought it would, but I really didn’t surprise myself much with it. That could be a sign that the story is really strong, or it could be like March where I just leave feeling a bit empty. It’s my shortest story, which I think was good – I didn’t want to get mired in the details here. Plus, with a first-person narrator (who was telling a story), I tried to eliminate unrealistic description. I mean, when you’re telling a story, do you say things like:

‘I feel my world has crumbled,’ she said dourly, her auburn hair glinting in the noonday sun.

No, omniscient narrators can get away with it, but I tried to go for realism.

Also, I wanted to tell two separate stories in one, which is something I feel I did quite well. I guess the “surprise” of this story is realizing who the story really is about. Anyway, I’m happy with the effort, all things considered, but I’ll be curious to think what other people think.

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  1. aaronsbell

    April 24, 2012 at 3:08 pm

    you spelled ‘a lot’ as ‘alot’ … on a writing blog. i think we just lost at the internet.


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