we spoke last night

28 Apr

derek and i had our monthly review conversation last night.  his story was in pretty good shape, so with just a couple instances of things to clean up he’s off to work.  lucky bastard, it’ll probably take him less than an hour of work to produce his finished story.  mine on the other hand is another matter entirely.

i knew going in to this conversation that my story needed a lot of work.  i had an idea that i fell in love with, but towards the end of the story i lost my way pretty seriously.  it started where i wanted it to, it had some plot points i wanted to fit in to the middle and the ending was what i had in mind.  the problem was how i got to all of the places the story went.  it lacked focus.

as i emailed derek my story i told him exactly that.  i figured with a little bit of nudging i could turn this in to something i wouldn’t mind sending out to everyone.  i was correct in my assumption.

after i got his notes and some ideas, i spent the rest of the night and this morning brainstorming.  i know exactly how i can fix my story.  so now to get to work on a major overhaul in the next two to three days so i can finish this one up this month.

good times.



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