april wrap-up and the may topic

01 May

i am currently waiting for derek to get back to me with any notes about the second version of my story, which may delay sending them out for a couple days.  my first draft seemed a bit rushed at times, and i wasn’t so pleased with it.  i think i fixed a lot of the issues with v2.0 so we’ll see what he thinks.

this was the first month that i went through a non self initiated trashing of my story and starting it pretty much from scratch.  once i figured out how i was going to go about transforming my april work from garbage into an actual story, i started jotting down a bunch of notes about things i wanted to do (i was at work and wouldn’t have a chance to sit at my computer for a bit).  i shot derek a few texts with my new idea, he seemed to think it would work, and i continued with my outlining.  when i finally had time to sit down and write, i ended up taking a printed out copy of my first draft with some of derek’s notes and set to work.

i went line by line re-writing a vast majority of the story while keeping the basic structure the same.  i added some more depth to the characters (and a backstory for the main character).  i did end up transferring a few sections of story from one version to the other, but in the process i reworded them to have it flow slightly better. when i re-read my first draft (which i only did after derek already tore it apart) it really was a struggle to get through.  this new version, at least to me and my wife, felt like it moved along at a pace closer to my march story.

i like my march story a lot, so i’m good with how it turned out.


derek and i have come up with a topic based off of a conversation that happened on his brother’s facebook page.  pretty much people kept winning a trip down 7 flights of stairs, obviously.  when we put out the request for subject ideas, another of his brothers suggested that we use that as our topic.  so here is the may topic –

a story that focuses somehow around 7 flights of stairs.

as an added bonus, since we liked a lot of the other ideas, we’ve decided to compile a list of 5 other topics, and each of us will use one topic from the list as well.  here are the other topics we will be choosing from (derek and i don’t know what the other one will be using, it may end up being the same one, it may not) –

  • a drifting spacecraft is home to something very interesting
  • a quest to acquire something or someone
  • a town votes in a new holiday that causes controversy
  • a zombie apocalypse with a happy ending
  • a story about a guy who writes short stories about a girl who writes short stories about love

so there you have it, the month of may.  i guess derek will let you all (who am i kidding, he’ll let scott know) when the may stories are coming out.


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2 responses to “april wrap-up and the may topic

  1. esoderek

    May 1, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    The conversation (if it’ll fit)

    Mitch Sonderfan: and Ryan Wagner wins comment of the day in response to my saying, “7 flights of stairs is a lot of fucking stairs to walk” with: related thoughts: grass green, sky blue, water wet…
    Ryan Wagner: what do I win?
    Ian Callipydge: A trip down 7 flights of stairs, obviously.
    Ryan Wagner: I think Ian just one-upped me in the comment of the day contest…
    Ian Callipydge: What do I win?
    Dave McHale: A trip down 7 flights of stairs, obviously.
    Ian Callipydge: Dave just one-upped me.
    Dave McHale: What do I win?
    Mitch Sonderfan: A trip down 7 flights of stairs, obviously.
    Dave McHale: Awww, Mullet just done and one-upped me
    Mitch Sonderfan: Cool…what do I win?
    Josh Connell: A trip down 7 flights of stairs, obviously.
    Mitch Sonderfan: Dag gummit. Josh just one-upped me.
    Josh Connell: What do I win?
    Joe Gleason: wow…this is not the most annoying thread of comments i’ve ever read. Oh wait, maybe it is. 🙂
    Mitch Sonderfan: Joe, you’ve won a trip down 7 flights of stairs.
    Douglas Sonderfan: Ok, Ian, I think you may have just found your short story in this comment thread.
    Ian Callipydge: This might be my favorite thing ever.

    • Felix

      May 1, 2012 at 6:25 pm

      Glad it worked. I read the comment thread over and over for five minutes and just laughed harder and harder. Must be a Sonderfan thing.


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