going at things a little different this month

08 May

so it’s may 8th and i’ve already outlined my entire story (only the 2nd time i’ve done this during this project – the first being february where i wanted to make sure i got a bunch of random roosevelt/taft historical facts thrown in) and written a chunk of it.  my goal this month is to actually have my story finished by the end of this week, giving me a week to go through it to clean it up.  whether or not that happens is anyone’s guess since this week is not only mother’s day, but also my birthday, my brother-in-law’s birthday, my grandmother-in-law’s birthday, my cousin-in-law’s birthday, my … you get the points.  i’m pretty busy with family stuff this week.  at least it isn’t next weekend when my wife’s cousin is getting married and we have the rehersal, rehersal dinner, and wedding to look forward to (no lie, this is all going to be awesome, because it’s a bunch of night’s out without the kids so we can actually eat hot food and speak to adults about adult things).

enough about me, on to my story (derek stop reading here) –

so derek and i have a policy of not reading each other’s blog posts until later in the month just so we don’t end up stealing ideas.  well, not so much stealing ideas, but letting each other’s ideas influence our story.  since i’m already set in my story, i went ahead and read his.  then i laughed.  our stories are sort of coming at this topic from the exact same angle.

derek is using the number 7 in its semi-symbolic ‘7 circles of hell’ sort of thing with there being 7 tests.  i also went a very similar route.  since the number 7 does appear all over the place in various religious and other numerologies, i am going the route of the 7 chakras.

i’m relating each of them to a (not so much traditional) color (some of them didn’t fit my idea so i changed them – it’s my story, go scratch) of the rainbow.  each one of the flights of stairs will be a different color or chakra and my character has to make his way through various things.

my sub-topic is the quest to find something or someone.  a guy wakes up with his wife missing (although i may swap the genders in my finished story, i haven’t decided yet) and sees a note with an address.  once he gets there he has to make his way up the 7 floors to get her back.

also, there’s a dog fighting aliens and former american presidents travelling through time.


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