Crazy month

17 May

I have spent a good portion of time on my story. Unfortunately, very little of it was putting words on paper. There is a very important structure in my story, which i’m calling The Pillar (until I think of a better name) which I had to figure out the logistics of. It’s 100 steps, 100′ tall, 7 stories, and each step is basically a different size. I needed to crunch some numbers and figure out the dimensions of each step in order to make this possible. Then I tried to sketch it, but gave up when I realized that part wasn’t as important. In theory, the large staircase is feasible, if not totally ungainly.

So when I finally got around to doing that (it was probably two hours of math and diagramming), I sat down to write. It was nearly 11. I was pooped. I think I wrote 1000 words (including notes that I was going to use later on). And the real kicker? I don’t like the way it’s written. It’s modeled after January’s story, where it starts in the present, goes to the past, and catches you back up. Well, I did that once, and don’t want to do it again. So I think I’m going to use some expository paragraphs to explain what’s happened, and take it in the present. It shouldn’t alter it too much, but I will certainly have to rewrite.

I leave tomorrow for a work trip, so I’m hoping to work on the laptop on my flights. The battery life notoriously sucks on this laptop (about 1.5 hours), so I’m going to try to do much of it at airports. Then, this weekend, I really have NO free time, so I won’t be looking at it again until Sunday or Monday.

Usually I’m great with deadlines, but this month just caught up to me. I had way too much going on. But hopefully with Ash’s schedule calming down, next month I’ll be able to write more early on. Fingers crossed.

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