I’m done

23 May

My 1st draft is completed and turned over to Aaron. It’s a weird dichotomy this month. It is one of the strongest stories of the year, if not the strongest. I really like it. I think the characters are good, and more importantly the whole plot is solid. I tried not to have it mired down in subplots – it’s just the story that I conceived a few weeks ago in all its uncomfortable splendor.

However, after reading it through, I felt like it was one of the worst-written. It was written almost exclusively amidst noise and distraction. There wasn’t any time (except for my final bout of grammatical revisions) where I was sitting in a quiet room working. I think it showed. Though my hope is that there will be enough time to truly go through (with Aaron and Ash’s critiques) and really brush up the actual writing. I don’t want this ending up as a mediocre story because I ran out of time to make the grammar up to par. Who knows, this could be one I revisit later.

I still giggle at my description of Scarlet Letter meets Nightmare Before Christmas meets Ninja Warrior. And it’s still pretty accurate.

Aaron appears to be having some delays with his, and he won’t get it to me for another few days. That limits both of our revision time, particularly since I’ll be quite busy this weekend, travelling back home and spending time with my family. Maybe Tuesday night will be a very busy one.

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