Chinese have a lot of Hells …

25 May

thanks to the wonderful big trouble in little china, my story took an interesting turn.  actually, it had nothing to do with one of the greatest movies of all time, but my story turned into each set of stairs turning leading to some sort of hell.  maybe not so much hell as it was a puzzle that needed to be solved, and at the same time, everything there wanted to kill you.

i’m making it sound worse than it is, but there are tigers and … well, tigers.

tiger’s are scary, right?

anyway, derek is in town this week, so we may do something we haven’t done yet, and review our stories in person.  i fully appreciate the ability to video chat with his oldest son about trains and pens while i’m attempting to get my baby to stay asleep for just a few more minutes so we can finish going over some edits, doing it in person should make it easier.  either that, or there will be some major earthquake or fire and we will still not have as much time as we want to go over things.

i’m going to finish going through derek’s story tonight (between outbursts directed at nhl officials),  one thing i will say about his story now, is that i LOVE the opening.  well, i guess the preface (if a short story can have one).  it seems he took a book out of orson scott cards book (literally) and started his story with one of the ‘Hundred Decrees.’  i’ve always enjoyed when an author not only writes his story, but goes above and beyond and delves into the world of the story.

writing semi-biblical text is a terrific way to do that.

our story topic for the month of june is also set, but we will write more about that next week.  let me just say that it’s going to be a very, very interesting month.


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