going to steal derek’s posting day for once

04 Jun

so far june is off to a bang up start.  in a complete 180 from my usual ‘wait until the last minute to finish up and send the story along’ habit, it’s 3 days early and i’m done with what i’m sending derek to finish.  i’ll probably wait until he is finished as well before i send it along, but a part of me wants to just send it and have a couple days before i get my start.

this is, however, another month where i have done research on completely pointless things.  i don’t want to spoil what it is just yet mostly because i don’t want derek to know what i’ve written about, but let’s just say i’m curious to see how derek turns this into a zombie story (or whatever it is he writes about, i mostly just skim his stories).

i suppose since i don’t have a lot that i can actually say about my(his) story this month, i’ll give a little background on derek and i.

the two of us lived together for a few years in the mid-noughties in a magical town named fairlawn.  our apartment was home to many zany adventures, but nothing was worse than characters my wife (then girlfriend) and derek created one day while i was still at work.  it was not uncommon for julia to come over to our place to get her school work done because it was quieter than her own home (i think it’s actually because she secretly enjoyed watching someone play EA baseball on the ps2).  it was on one of those occasions that ‘bubbles and lawrence’ were born.

for anyone who has ever seen one of the old vaudeville routines where there is a man and a woman and they more or less just banter back and forth making real dumb jokes and people seemed to enjoy it, this was very much along those lines.  the one difference?  it was lawrence insulting bubbles, and bubbles laughing saying things like “oh that was a brilliant insult, lawrence.”  it would go on for hours, sometimes even days at a time.  to this day whenever the two of them are together for longer than 12 minutes they break back into these characters (also, when derek and i are on skype reviewing the month’s stories there has been an occasional appearance).  a close friend of ours has informed them that if he ever makes it big in hollywood, he’s going to include them in some (if not all) of his projects.

i find absolutely nothing funny about the characters.

may god have mercy on their souls.


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One response to “going to steal derek’s posting day for once

  1. esoderek

    June 4, 2012 at 3:32 pm

    Lawrence and Bubbles is iconic. In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that they may single-handledly usher in a new era of vaudeville. “I say Bubbles, the only thing more hopeless than your haircut is your husband!”


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