750 Words

05 Jun

I had two very specific goals that I wanted to achieve with this interesting topic when we decided on it. June came on the heels of two rather serious-toned months’ stories, and only two of my five stories had been silly. So my first goal is that, no matter what he sends me, I’m going to turn it into the silliest thing I can possibly think of. Now, of course, that’s flexible. I may get a different idea and want to take it a different direction, but I’m hankering to write some unabashed nonsense. I still haven’t read his beginning yet – I think we’re exchanging later today – but we’ll see what I get to work with.

The second goal I had had, once we determined a ~750-word limit was to write EXACTLY 750 words. That would mean that even if I was in the middle of a sentence, I would still send it along to him. Now, assuming I don’t change what I have, I actually DO end a sentence right at the 750 word mark, but what I really like is the many many options I give him. It’s one of those story topics where he can choose to do alot of research (it’s based on real-life locations and technology), or I’ve given him an out where he can ignore all of that if he wants.

What I like most of all is about 725 of the words I wrote are set-up. Then, I suddenly shift to a new location and have a single sentence as his jumping off point.

I fear it won’t be easy for him. While there are tons of places he can take it, I did leave a few “puzzles” in there that he has to figure out. In all honesty, I’m really proud of what I’ve written for him, but there’s no way in hell I would want to finish this story – I genuinely have no idea what I would do if I was presented with this. But that’s partially why I’m giving it to him. After all, he and I together managed to produce (jointly) one of my favorite ‘Dash definitions ever:

taplash: n. a moat filled not with water but with castles

That was one he started (he had filled in all but the last word). I think we could make some magic this month. (And we may even post the entire 750-word entries later this week!)

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One response to “750 Words

  1. aaronsbell

    June 5, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    i can agree with derek on this, i genuinely have no idea what i can do since i was presented with this. all i can say is that i’m glad i’m into sci-fi, but it’s going to be an interesting month.


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