derek’s flagrant insanity has led me to a breakthrough

08 Jun

derek must seriously hate me

i’ve had the start of my story (written by derek) in my possession for the last 3 days.  you’ve already (who am i kidding, my mother and scott) read what he’s given me as a topic, and can see that it isn’t an easy one to dive right into.  as per the norm for this project, i have been spending too much of my (mostly nonexistent) free time doing research.

at first, i spent some time researching the cassini-hyugens project. it’s actually quite interesting, and of course that led me to the next logical place – researching saturn and its moons.  of course, when you start researching space, you just migrate to looking up information on time travel.  that lead me to spending the better part of wednesday researching using black holes for time travel. hey, event horizon was a kick ass movie, and used a variation of that concept to completely screw up my brain back in the late 90’s.

that being said, no research on time travel is complete without fully jumping into a study of the theory of relativity.  more to the point, opposing views to the theory of relativity.  i mean, there has to be someone out there with scientific proof that it’s wrong, right?  well, found it.  a lot of it.  they may all be written by crazy people, but it’s still out there.

then i decided to scrap that entire line of thinking and figured i’d just make up some new way of time travel (actually, just sort of have it show up without it really being explained – because screw you, that’s why).  that led  to today’s complete immersion into various time travel paradox theories.  and that brought me into the discovery of a crazy short story i’ve never heard of before – ‘all you zombies’ by robert a heinlein.  he wrote it in the 1958 in one day, and it basically (total spoilers ahead) is a story about an intersexual person, who through a crazy series of time travel events is not only their own mother and father, but every other character in the story as well.  (the character flow chart i found is one of the best things i’ve ever seen).

now, i’m not going to go that crazy with this entire thing, in fact i think my research managed to get a little bit out of hand (not even joking i have seven notebook pages full of notes and a bookmarks folder with 38 sites to go back to for information) with everything sort of snowballing from my crazy theories brought upon by derek’s crazy story.  the final thing i came up with is another theory on time travel not working exactly as one would imagine it would.  since our solar system is not stationary, but traveling in orbit around the galactic center; if you went back in time 400 years, earth would not be in the same location as it was, causing you to be 400 years in the past in the middle of space (or on whatever is locating the same space as the earth is now) so apparently my time travel contraption would have to be tardis-like.  something that could travel through both time and space.  damn science.

anyway, this has turned into my favorite topic so far, because it is going to let me go a bit sci-fi crazy and make a few adaptations to some actual theories and events to fit my story.


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