2000 Original Words later

15 Jun

My my, it’s interesting writing comedy in period speech. While being given a story that takes place around the turn of the 20th century, I happened to be reading H.G. Wells The Invisible Man, which takes place in London around that same time. Perfect! So instead of modernizing what Aaron gave me (he didn’t actually give a year, only a style), I decided to keep it in that time period for the challenge of writing that way.

Well, let me say right now that to make a very silly story while keeping this slightly heightened style of speech is pretty farkin’ ridiculous. I think it’s doing two things simultaneously: I’m not able to put as much silly narration as I would otherwise. My novel Same Old, Same Old features the narrator himself having fun telling the story, much like the narrator in Hitchhiker’s Guide. Well, that’s harder to achieve when I’m chained to an archaic pattern of speech. However, at the same time it’s also making the story seem that much sillier, because they’re all speaking in Bringlish. Seriously, Aaron used barmy?!? Well, I countered that with:

“Then we must needs coax it out and cast it off.”


“We would have scored verily had Twinkletoes not been so overly concerned with besmirching his frock.”

Yeah, I went there. This is becoming the most fun story to actually write. I wonder if it will read that way, because I’m having a blast writing it.



Edit: I’m also calling out our fans. We heard NO feedback on May, which was my favorite month so far. For shame, few people who follow this, for shame!

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