another month almost finished

23 Jun

the june stories are in for review and i actually feel really good about my story this month.

when we decided to not have a topic this month and instead just write the start for each other’s stories i knew that it could go in many different ways. as i’ve said before, my initial take on derek’s beginning was that i was totally screwed. then i started into my research mode and really got into it.

i got into it so much that i kept reading and reading until i realized it was already the 18th (with only four days to go until our turn in day) and i had barely written 500 words. i knew my story, but i was having problems connecting to the opening. every time i would sit down to write, i’d read what i had written and hate how it sounded. as i said to julia after i had ‘written’ for three days – every time i sit down to do some work, my story gets shorter and shorter.

then one night i had a moment of clarity.

i knew exactly how i was going to connect it all together. that night, my three month old decided he desperately needed my attention every 10-15 minutes and i lost my steam. the next day i managed to get it back and plowed through about 2k words in no time at all. i managed to once again cut it real close (in a month that i though i’d have plenty of time to work because i was off of work all month) but knocked out another 2500 words wednesday to finish it all off. i spent thursday reviewing what i had (after my wife gave a read through for me) making little changes here and there and cleaning up a few things that didn’t work but i didn’t know how to fix them.

you know what? with everything i had been researching (i have a freaking cassini app on my iphone now) i didn’t even touch half of the topics and theories i originally wanted to kick around. this is, however, another month’s story that i feel could evolve into something larger in scope in the future.

but for now, i think this may have been my best month.

in regards to derek’s story – i don’t really want to comment on it here before i talk to him about it (hopefully monday, so i’ll spill the beans on tuesday) but i have failed in my mission. i was hoping that by introducing about 75 characters in the first 750 words and giving him a pretty tame setting, he would be forced to write something more serious than what he was used to writing. well, somehow he turned it into one of the most insane things i’ve ever read.

i knew exactly where it was going to go right from the start (well, right from his start) but even still, if this was ever acted out, the cast from “who’s line is it anyway” would be who performed it.

next time i set it at a funeral.

*also, i know you don’t have this month’s stories yet, but we still haven’t heard anything about the may stories. i know people are getting them and reading them. all we ask is toss up a comment here or an email saying pretty much anything about the stories. good, bad, or sonderfan – we can take it.


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