Two Very Different Worlds

26 Jun

We had our Skype session last night to talk about June’s stories. And what a different situation we had.

First, Aaron’s story was hands-down the best of the six he’s written. The story was solid and well-researched. The writing has come a long way too, particularly since the first story of the year. He’s not only telling the main thrust of his story better, he’s filling his stories with more and more details so they have depth to them, even for short stories. I think this one, if he ever expanded into a larger story (which it certainly has the potential for), would benefit from strengthening the characters, but for a short story, it was great. I had a few technical things here and there (then again, I’d done quite a bit of research before even writing my 750 words). But yeah, he’s already touched it up and sent back his 3rd version for one last round of edits. We’ll be ahead of schedule this month for sure.

However, he didn’t much care for mine, which I find a shame since it was easily the most fun I’ve had writing since this project began. I understand his point somewhat – it IS a pretty predictable story. That didn’t bother me. The point of this story wasn’t about surprising anyone, it was about being silly. Which it was. Very much so. But, different tastes, I guess…

Interestingly, his two least favorite stories of mine are my two silliest. I wonder if there’s something there. I think next month I’ll have to do a slasher gore story. He’d probably mount it above his mantle.

Anyway, we’re onto the next. I’ve put out some appeals for story ideas on Facebook, but if you have a short story idea you’d like to submit, please do, and it’ll go into the hat from which we draw July’s story. And yes, Carol, we’re adding the door-to-door accordion salesman to the pile. 😀

Also, as Aaron said on his last entry, SUBMIT SOME FEEDBACK! We haven’t heard a peep about May (which was one of our favorite months). Drop us a line at Thanks and keep reading!

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One response to “Two Very Different Worlds

  1. Nanny

    June 26, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Glad to hear about the accordion salesman!


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