talk about running out of time fast (again)

12 Jul

so this month (as derek said) got off to a late start.  our topic is semi-ambiguous, which theoretically should mean it’ll be an easy month.

oh yeah, then there’s life.

i have an idea for my story which my wife seems to like.  sort of going to go (derek don’t read this if you don’t have a topic idea yet) with knights and swords and princesses and such type of thing.  although i’m not sure there are going to be too many knights.  also, only one princess.  and maybe only one sword?  haven’t really figured it all out yet, but whichever way it crumbles that’s the setting.

(derek, you can start to read this again)

now i only have to find the time to sit down and write with a 3 year old getting over pink eye, a 4 month old who has just decided that after sleeping perfectly fine during the night he wants to wake up every two hours or so (and his older brother not understanding how to stay away from him while he is sick), and a dog who is suffering through a week long coning so he doesn’t chew on his foot.  good times for sure.

that being said, i’ll probably finish off my first draft by this weekend and laugh about all the time i have to clean it up.


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