my story this month feels like a bit of a letdown

26 Jul

when we decided upon the topic for this month, an idea popped right into my head.  i felt it could be an interesting take on an old tale (the sword in the stone) and set out from there.  at least three times this month i scrapped what i had (including two days before our turn in) and started from scratch.

the first version, the main character, tavi, was just an awfully annoying person.  he whined about everything.  he didn’t want to do anything.  and when it came time for his role int he story to take shape, it just felt wrong.

the second version of the story, i realized i had written grandpa simpson into the story.  this crazy old fella named jasper would tell stories that would go absolutely nowhere.  while they were mildly amusing, the whole reason i wrote him into the story was to be the history teller.  since he was one of the oldest people anyone knew, he had to be the one to relay the information of the past to everyone in the resent.  it’s really tough to do that when he kept going on about soldiers throwing beehives (which actually did happen) to pygg jars (which is where the term ‘piggy bank’ came from) to any number of other obscure middle ages things.  so that had to go.

the third version i was just unhappy with how a lot of things were getting accomplished.  it just felt … wrong.  how did i fix it?  well, there’s where version four comes in.

i decided to make tavi the narrator of the story.  as i cleaned up what i had and converted the point of view (of which i am almost positive i didn’t do completely) the story really fell into place.  when it was finished, i still wasn’t really all too happy with it.

i really, really like the story, it’s just how i put it onto the paper that i’m real iffy on.  derek and i are doing our monthly meetup to review the stories later tonight, so maybe i’m completely off base with my feelings.  on the other hand, if they are founded in reality, i’m pretty sure derek will be able to point me in the right direction for when i clean up the story into its final version.

after all the good stuff i did last month, it just really seems like i took about 15 steps backwards.  (i’ll comment about derek’s story after we go over them.  i just don’t want him to see what i think before we have a chance to talk.)


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