Aaron’s story

31 Jul

It’s weird for me to talk about Aaron’s story for July, partially because I’m stealing his posting day to do so, but more because I’m having trouble figuring out why I think it’s just sorta there. As I explained to him, the entire story seems sorta stuck in cruise control. The edits he made make the story stronger, in my opinion, but I still walk away feeling pretty indifferent about it all. And here’s the part that bugs me about it: I’m not sure why.

The characters are pretty rich – I especially enjoy the younger brother Martin. Jasper is probably the weakest character, but even he has some enjoyable quirks. The story is familiar – pulling the sword from the stone – but with a refreshing take. The ending is well done. Yet I still kinda feel that, in the 12-month journey Aaron’s book would take, this would be something of a filler. Not bad. Not great.

I suppose that’s to be expected. No one will have 12 winners. I consider myself a very good idea man and a decent writer, but I wasn’t foolish enough to think I’d have 12 award-winning short stories when all was said and done. If I had 3, I’d be happy. While I think I’m well on my way to hitting at least 3 good ones, I’d be kidding myself if I didn’t say I had a filler story or two in there. So be it.

We do not have a topic for next month yet, but hopefully by the end of today.

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