so july is over

01 Aug

and i agree with derek completely about my story (as i said in my last update here).  i don’t think my story is awful, i just think it’s ok.

as for derek’s story this month – it’s easily my favorite of his stories.  does that have something to do with it being his least insane writing?  possibly.  i’m not sure, though.

there are chunks of the story that i can do without (the entire poker game, for instance) because they seem to drag a little bit for me, reminding me why i don’t ever watch poker on tv.  that being said, it has to be in the story for the thing to work, so i deal.  the story itself is seriously terrific.

both a minion of god and the devil are playing for the souls of the unborn.  it happens every year, for as far back as my memory of derek’s story takes me.  what makes this month so great for me?  the interaction between the characters.  the reaper and the protector have a terrific back and forth.  it almost makes me want to hang out with them sometime.

now for our august topic.  this month, our topic reads as follows –

a con artist ends up blackmailed into helping the police solve a crime he committed.

should be interesting to say the least.


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2 responses to “so july is over

  1. Carol

    August 1, 2012 at 10:47 pm

    Just finished rereading both stories, and I must say that this month I loved them both! I do agree with Aaron; since I know nothing about poker, I found that part tedious (and sent in a pre-comment to that fact, which I never saw posted), but it obviously has a big part in the plot. And he was right about this being the least insane of Derek’s stories, although sometimes I feel that stories that have truth to them can be more horror-filled than those made up. As for Aaron’s story, I am not sure why both of you see it as average at best. I thought that it had a Fahrenheit 421 feel to it.

    And I really like the August topic! Can’t wait to read the stories.

  2. Carol

    August 1, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    Whoops! It’s 451, isn’t it?


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