i’m hoping this post comes out ok

22 Aug

i’m typing it through my wordpress app on my phone, and this phone has a tendency to autocorrect the hell out of anything i write.  i’m assuming it’ll be ok, and also formatted correctly.

anyway, my story this month was a real struggle to get done.  the topic was one i came up with, and considering that, i had an awfully difficult time coming up with how i was going to attack the story.

my first version was someone with amnesia remembering bits and pieces of his day a little at a time while recreating them as best as he could to keep the memories fresh.  leaving himself notes and whatnot.  about 3 pages into my story i realized i was writing a toned down version of the movie ‘memento.’  while i enjoy the movie a lot, i did not want my story to be a cheap knock off of something so i trashed the draft.

my second attempt at my story was very similar to the first, but instead of reliving the past few days, the main character goes around trying to piece it together through what other people tell him.  when iw as writing a scene involving mike tyson i realized that once again i was writing a movie i had seen – ‘the hang over.’  another draft in the garbage.

it took me another week to figure out how to go about writing a story without ripping off anything else, so i decided that i would trim down what happened.  the entire story takes place in the main character(wallace fenton)’s house.  this way, i didn’t have to worry about any zany happenings making it similar to a movie.  the only problem is that this is my first month that i haven’t been able to fit my 13th story into.  once i go through it with derek and i sit down to edit the mess of a story i’ve created, i’m sure i can fit it in somewhere.  it may cause me to leave the house, but not necessarily.

thge other problem i ran into was that i had no real idea how to end the story this month.  instead of dragging things out and wrapping things up i just sort of … stopped writing.  i don’t know if it works, and admittedly i didn’t read the finished product before i sent it along to derek so it may fail miserably.  i just figured i would try something and see how it goes.


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